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Tips of Avoiding EMF Exposure

It should be noted that, almost all electric appliances produce electric fields.However, most people are unaware of the dangers posed by too much exposure to these fields.There are a number of health problems that are likely to occur on an individual, due to the individual’s exposure to the strong electromagnetic fields.You must, therefore, try to minimize the exposure levels to these electromagnetic fields, if you cannot completely avoid such fields.You can follow the tips below, in order for you to minimize EMF exposure.

Always, you should avoid using electrical appliances, and electronic devices that produce electromagnetic fields.These appliances, include radios, TVs, computers, laptops, and mobile phones.Whenever you are using electronic devices, and electric appliances, use them for the shortest time possible.This will ensure that you are not exposed to strong EMFs, therefore, avoiding the associated effects.Also, you must avoid staying near boosters, and radio receivers.This is because, these transmitters and receivers, produce very strong electromagnetic fields due to their wave amplification processes.If you stay close to these transmitters, and boosters, you will be exposed to very strong EMF which in return may cause conditions like leukemia, seizures, and others.

Because it is almost impossible to eliminate the use of artificial systems, we can only be able to reduce the risks involved due to the exposure to these electromagnetic fields.This is possible by either turning these electronic devices off, or putting them on airplane mode when not in use.In case, you want to create an internet connection, you always use wired cables, and try to avoid wireless connections like Wi-Fi.Whenever you must use wireless internet connections, you should turn it on when you want to use it, and turn off immediately you are done.At night, it is important that you switch off all the routers.When creating computer networks, you should avoid wireless, and Bluetooth connections, and instead use physical wires.You must also make sure that electrical connections, and the general wiring in your house is properly done, to minimize the strength of electromagnetic fields produced.You should confirm that wiring in your house is done well, to avoid production of very strong EM fields.

Before you sleep, ensure the circuit breakers and sockets are switched off, or you move away from them.When using your electronic device, wear protective gear that can shield you against the strong EMF.You can use electric dirty filters to clean your electricity.Also, it is necessary to minimize the use of such devices, as much as you can.The effects due to EMF exposure, like oxidation, can be mitigated by eating a diet full of antioxidants, which will reduce the rate of oxidation within the body.If you practice grounding, it will help mitigate the effects of exposure, by neutralizing the positive ions.If you expose yourself to negative ions like staying close to moving water, will help you neutralize these effects.

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